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    • Drying Aluminum hydroxide HID series
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      Drying Aluminum hydroxide HID series

      ATH ( H-I-D ) Application: A s a flame retardant additives in all kinds of composite materials,such as ultra clear glass、solar tube、glass bottle and so on.This product is to improve the optical permorance in glass, to reduce the inflation,to enhance the thermal impact and...Read More
    • A-C-300MS
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      Product Introduction Calcined Alumina is produced by high-quality raw materials at high temperature, with characteristics of high conversion rate, stable crystallization and low impurity content. The product has excellent performance of high mechanical strength , stable...Read More
    • Co Tolerant Temperature Sulfur Shift Catalyst Carrier
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      Co Tolerant Temperature Sulfur Shift Catalyst Carrier

      Because of the high conversion rate, low energy consumption, long service life, activated alumina becomes to the preferred catalyst of nitrogenous fertilizer plant. Co-Mo series catalyst carrier has sRead More
    • Claus Sulfur Recovery Catalyst.
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      Claus Sulfur Recovery Catalyst.

      Claus sulfur recovery catalyst.Sulfur recovery of activated alumina catalyst is specially applied to the chemical industry to recover the sulfur. In the process of hydrogen sulfide and other toxic gasRead More
    • The Regenerated Catalyst Of Hydrogen Peroxide By Anthraquinone
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      The Regenerated Catalyst Of Hydrogen Peroxide By Anthraquinone

      The regenerated catalyst of hydrogen peroxide by anthraquinoneProcess of hydrogen peroxide production by anthraquinone process manufacturing, using activated alumina as the adsorbent can enhance the dRead More
    • The Activated Alumina Dechlorination Agent
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      The Activated Alumina Dechlorination Agent

      The activated alumina dechlorination agent.As the operation of the arene Combination device in petrochemical industry, the trace compound will be generated such as Hydrogen chloride, sulfide and so onRead More
    • Activated Alumina Defluoridation Agent
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      Activated Alumina Defluoridation Agent

      The activated alumina defluoridation agent Activated alumina defluoridation agent has a large specific surface area, good adsorption performance. It is the ideal filtering adsorption material for wateRead More
    • Activated Alumina Desiccant
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      Activated Alumina Desiccant

      This product is a white spherical porous particles, particle size uniformity, smooth surface, high mechanical strength, strong moisture absorption. non-toxic odorless, insoluble in water and ethanol.Read More
    • Activated Alumina Powder
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      Activated Alumina Powder

      The physicochemical index standards:Q/CHALCO-SD A016-2012Activated alumina powder is produced by activation roasting process, with hydraulical property, mainly used for refractory castable, advanced cRead More
    • Alumina Gel
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      Alumina Gel

      AG-50AG-50 is a kind of amorphous structure alumina gel, which can be generated stable sol under the action of inorganic acid or organic acid. It has the very strong adhesion. The catalyst made by AG-Read More
    • Pseudo Boehmite
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      Pseudo Boehmite

      A white gel (wet) or powder (dried), odorless, tasteless and nontoxic. It is a thixotrope with the characters of high purity crystalline phase, EXCELLENT GELATION and strong caking property.It is a ceRead More
    • Special Pseudo Boehmite
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      Special Pseudo Boehmite

      P-DF-10 P-DF-10 is a middle density, large pore size pseudo-boehmite product, with the character of high purity, large pore volume, uniform pore size distribution and good acid-soluble.For the large pRead More
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