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    • Water Treatment Wet ATH

      Contact NowWater Treatment Wet ATH1. Commercial Aluminum Hydroxide Characteristics: High purity, low heavy metal content, moderate activity, easily soluble in acid and alkali. Applications: All kinds of aluminum compounds; Flame retardant additives for flammable materials (such as plastic, rubber, paper, pigment and coating);...Read More

    • Detergent Zeolite PVC Stablizer Zeolite

      Contact NowDetergent Zeolite PVC Stablizer Zeolite4A Zeolite , as a new kind of advanced environental-friendly additive in the detergent and PVC Heat Stablizer, owns a porous structure that can accommodate a wide variety of cations , such as Na+, K+, Ca2+, Mg2+ and others. These positive ions are rather loosely held and can readily be exchanged...Read More