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Calcined Alumina

    • Low sodium calcined alunima
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      Low sodium calcined alunima

      Product Introduction Calcined Alumina is produced by high-quality raw materials at high temperature, with characteristics of high conversion rate, stable crystallization and low impurity content. The product has excellent performance of high mechanical strength , stable...Read More
    • Calcined Alumina Applications
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      Calcined Alumina Applications

      APPLICATIONSBrandsUsesaluminaCoarse powderFine powderLow sodaJigh purityA-C-30A-C-30-AA-CG-2-AA-CG-2-AA-C-10A-HP-9999γRefractoryFused alumina◎◎Sintered alumina◎◎Insulating firebrick◎◎◎Amorphous refracRead More
    • Low Soda Alumina
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      Low Soda Alumina

      Using high quality raw materials, calcined in tunnel kiln under a reasonable and accurate temperature control, with advantage of low Na2O content and stable contraction rate.Mainly used as:● fine ceraRead More
    • Calcined Alpha Alumina
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      Calcined Alpha Alumina

      Using high quality raw materials, calcined alumina is being produced in the rotary kiln on the reasonable temperature, with the characteristic of high conversion rate, stable crystallization and low iRead More
    • High Purity β' alumina
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      High Purity β' alumina

      β "alumina has a layered spinel structure of sodium atoms present in the discrete layer between aluminum atoms and oxygen atoms. Because of it low resistance value, β " alumina is particularly used asRead More
    • Calcined Alumina For Thermal Conductivity
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      Calcined Alumina For Thermal Conductivity

      As thermal insulation filler polymer, it is widely used in thermal conductivity of plastics, rubber, adhesives and coatings.Al2O3Na2OFe2O3SiO2Specific surface area-325 meshtap densityLOI%m2/g99.70.08-Read More
    • Fine Powder Of Calcined Alumina
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      Fine Powder Of Calcined Alumina

      Excellent sintering performance, stable linear shrinkage, suitable particle size and narrow particle size distribution. Widely used in refractory and ceramic industries. Uses: ● refractories, refractoRead More
    • Activated γ-Al2O3 Power
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      Activated γ-Al2O3 Power

      Raw materials of aluminum metal matrix composite with high quality, such as series magnesium, iron and aluminum and tabular corundum for refractory materials, with the characteristics of finer particlRead More
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