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Water Treatment

    • Aluminum Sulfate
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      Aluminum Sulfate

      Aluminum Sulfate Molecular Formula Al2(SO4)3, Molecular Weight 342.15, White orthorhombic system powder or powder agglomerates, with specific gravity 1.69g/mL,used as precipitator for sizing material such as rosin gum, wax emulsion in papermaking, as flocculants in water...Read More
    • High-purity Poly Aluminum Chloride
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      High-purity Poly Aluminum Chloride

      High-purity Poly Aluminum Chloride (PAC-H) High-purity Poly Aluminum Chloride water purification agent is a novel kind of efficient water purification agent produced employing advanced production technique with raw materials (High quality aluminum hydroxide, high purity...Read More
    • Poly Aluminium Chloride
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      Poly Aluminium Chloride

      Poly Aluminum Chloride for drinking water treatment (PAC-V) PAC-V is a kind of new type inorganic polymer coagulant with highly efficient. This product is made from aluminum hydroxide, hydrochloric acid and calcium aluminate powder employing advanced technology. PAC-V owns...Read More
    • Aluminum Hydroxide For Aluminum Salts
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      Aluminum Hydroxide For Aluminum Salts

      ATH for Aluminum Salts Characteristics: High purity, stable particle size and high acid solubility make the products could be easy to react with Acid,which could ensure the manufacturing progress of water treatment get effective in ordinary pressure. The cost of water...Read More
    • Commercial Wet Aluminum Hydroxide
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      Commercial Wet Aluminum Hydroxide

      Commercial Aluminum Hydroxide Characteristics: High purity, low heavy metal content, moderate activity, easily soluble in acid and alkali. Applications: All kinds of aluminum compounds; Flame retardant additives for flammable materials (such as plastic, rubber, paper, pigment...Read More
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